Practice, Practice, Practice

Many parents want to know, how can I help my child be a better reader.  Well, it’s just like anything else, you have to practice, practice, practice.  It’s very important for them to practice known material.  This is material that they have already read.  By practicing this known material, it helps develop, site words, comprehension, and fluency.   To make practicing more fun, have them read to a pet or stuffed animals.  I am sharing a video of me reading to my dog, Sophie and a picture of reading to stuffed animals.  Give it a go and see how your reader/readers like it. Many schools and libraries have programs where children come and read to dogs.  It is supposed to be very successful!  I loved reading to Sophie and one day I hope she becomes a reading dog!  She still needs to learn a few manners :)  Enjoy the video and give it a go!  Maybe you could share a video or pictures of your child/children reading to a pet or stuffed animals!  I would LOVE to see them :)



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