Questions To Help Talk About A Story!






I believe that reading should be authentic!  I loved teaching children to do what REAL READERS do after they read a book/story, especially one they enjoyed/loved.  Read readers love to TALK about their book/story.  This chart has some great questions to get children (or anyone) to start talking!


As a teacher, I did not enjoy having children fill out workbook pages!  I did not know any reader that said, “Hey, did you fill out that workbook page about ______???  They did want to tell all about what happened or about a character that they liked or did not like!  One time, I was reading a book and I WAS SO MAD AT THE HUSBAND (HE LEFT HIS WIFE AS SHE WAS BATTLING CANCER)!!  I would come down and say to my husband, “You won’t believe what he did now!”  My husband would look at me and say, “You know he isn’t real, right???”

Parents, teachers, give these questions a go!  Also, is a great website too!  Lots of fun things for all!  She’s on FaceBook too!

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