Reading Nooks

What do you believe about teaching?  What do you believe about how children learn?  As a beginning teacher, I never thought to think about these questions.   So, one day I did sit down and really thought about these two questions and it changed how I taught!  Actually it was kind of fun — I didn’t know how many things I did believe about teaching and children learning.  When I first began teaching, I read out of a teacher’s manual and children filled out worksheets!  I never witnessed much joy in this kind of learning and this was definitely NOT what I believed about teaching.

Here are two of my most important beliefs:

1.  Learning can be fun!  I believed that I had skills that had to be taught but, those skills could be taught in a fun way.  A way that children enjoyed!  Everyone one knows when you enjoy something, you want to do it more and more!

2.  Learning is social!  Children come to school already knowing so much — sometimes they already know how to read.  The children were not “taught” these things!  They had lots and lots of experiences and experiences with other people!  I believe that children learn from each other and help each other learn!  So…

I made fun places to learn in my classroom.   For expample, reading nooks — Cozy places where children could go and read on their own or read quietly with a partner.  I was always amazed at how respectful children were of this area!  I would have tents, big pillows with a Moose head hanging on the wall, a blow up swimming pool in the spring and even a cardboard box that had doors and windows and decorated by the children.  Inside were a couple of big pillows!

I wanted my classroom to be warm and inviting.  A place where children wanted to come and learn and have fun!  For me — Learning Is A Fun Thing To Do!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from when I taught, but here are a few ideas from the internet — just to give you a few ideas :)





Happy Reading and Learning!!!

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