Remember Smelly Stickers???

When my children were little, everyone loved smelly stickers!  Actually, I still think they are fun!  When I taught first grade we did a 5 senses unit.  For the sense of smell, we made smelly pictures!  The kids had so much fun and they really did smell good!  Of course, if there is a picture, a story would follow.  It made for a fun project!!

Smelly Picture Directions

You will need:

Paper (construction is a nice weight)

Crayons, markers

White glue

Koolaide in a variety of colors–small package with no sugar added

First, children will draw a picture of anything they would like.  They leave areas empty that they would like to add glue and make smelly.

When the picture is finished, they pick a color/smell of Koolaide.  In the empty area, they put some white glue (not real thick) and then sprinkle some of the Koolaide on it.  Use a toothpick to gently blend the glue and Koolaide.  The picture can be tapped to get rid of  extra Koolaide.  You will already tell how good it smells.  Set picture in a safe place to dry.

When dry, you can rub it to get the smell and you have a fun picture with texture!

While it is drying, it’s a great opportunity to write a story about the picture.  I would type up their stories.  For a parent, make it a little book.  For a teacher, they looked great on a bulletin board.

It’s just a fun project and kids love that it smells!!!!

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