Salt Painting

You Need:

table salt

white glue

water with food coloring

construction paper/any color

paintbrush or eye dropper

tray/cookie sheet


1.  Lay paper on tray/cookie sheet

2. Create a picture/design with the white glue on the paper.

3.  Pour salt over the glue — be generous.  Make sure glue is well covered with salt.  Shake off excess salt onto tray/cookie sheet–you can reuse it later.

4.  Dip brush into water/food coloring (or use eye dropper–really fun for kids) drop color onto the salt where you want that color.

5.  Sit back and watch the magic.  Watch the color travel over the lines.

6.  The salt crystalizes and it sparkles!!! A win/win!!!



This totally looks like fun!  I think I will give it a go!  Maybe with my grandkids too!  There is nothing like a little magic!

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