Seed Experiment

You will need these things:

A Paper Towel

A Ziplock Plastic Baggie–quart size

3 Pumpkin Seeds–I used Burpee Spookie Pumpkin Seeds–Spookie is fun!

Paper for a Seed Journal


1.  Fold paper towel to fit baggie.

2.  Wet paper towel and place in baggie.  The paper towel should be wet, but not dripping wet.

3.  Place 3 pumpkin seeds on the wet paper towel.  Seal your baggie so it is air tight.  Place some seeds with point up and some down.  It’s interesting to see what happens each way.

4.  Hang your baggie where it gets some sunlight.  DO NOT OPEN BAGGIE DURING THE EXPERIMENT!


5.  Make a Seed Journal.

6.  Watch seed every day.  Draw and write what you see in your Seed Journal.

7.  When the seeds are ready–you will know :), plant them.  They will need room–they vine :)

8.  Care for them all summer.

9.  In the fall, pick them when they are large and orange.  Carve them and you are ready for Halloween!

Have Fun!!!!!

Day 3 and my seeds are doing something :)  What are yours doing?

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