Send Me Your Story And/Or Illustration

Calling all story writers and/or illustrators!  I love children’s writing and illustrations!

Last week, I was challenged to wrtie a story about Halloween.  I had to use the words ghost, spider, moon and I could only use 100 or less words!  It was lots of fun, challenging, and I came up with a new character that I would like to write more stories about.  Actually I did write a new story with this new character — Little Boo!

It made me miss children’s stories too!  I am inviting  you to write a Halloween story and/or illustration and send it to me!   TEACHERS:  THIS COULD BE A FUN ACTIVITY FOR YOUR CLASS!  Then I will post it on my website so that others can enjoy your gift of writing and/or illustrating!

My address is:

Kathy Elstad

P.O. Box 1071

Oswego, IL  60543

Looking forward to some amazing stories/illustrations!  Who knows your story or illustration might inspire another child to write or draw!

Hapyy Writing and Illustrating!

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