Spring Time Fun!

I feel like we are getting a taste of Spring!  So I have a few ideas to have fun outdoors!  These are things my first graders always loved!

Bug Walk — Spring is a great time to find bugs and a bug walk is always so much fun!  A container is need with VERY small holes in the top.  There are some great bug containers or bug catchers!  Just take a walk–even around the backyard and see what you find!  My two favorties bugs I ever found were the walking stick and the praying mantis.  I had a student, Amanda, who was a praying mantis whisperer.  She had a nest of them in a tree in her front yard!  I wonder what you will find?????

Rock Hunting–Kids love to find rocks!  It’s easy because they are everywhere!  It’s fun to get a book on rocks and use it to identify the rocks.  Some books might have rock experiments too!  One thing my students loved doing was to break the rocks open and see what was inside.  Sometimes it’s nothing and sometimes its pretty amazing!  Hammering a rock is always fun!  I always placed a towel over the rock before breaking it for safety reasons.

Both of these activities are great opportunities for writing!  Science stories or make believe stories too!!    Don’t forget to illustrate your bugs or rocks.  If anyone does do any writing, I would love you to post it!  Remember Pet Rocks???  It would be fun to create a pet rock, draw an illustration and write a fun story!  Lots of things you can do!  Mostly, have fun!!!!

Bubbles!– Who doesn’t love bubbles.  Here is another bubble recipe!

4 cups of water

1 cup of dish soap

1/4 cup of corn syrup

a container to hold bubbles

a flat container to dip items

Pour and mix all ingredients into bowl or jug.  Whisk it or shake it.  Let solution settle.  Pour into flat container to dip items.  Here comes some fun!  Try all kind of items:  rubber bands, metal rings, top of salt shakers, bubble wands, cookie cutters–give anything a go!


What happens?

Which ones work?

What happens if you add food coloring to the mixture??

Check other Fun Activities for other ideas!

Hope you have some spring fun!!!!


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