Squirmy Jello Worms!

Hi! This is a fun activity for Halloween or really anytime! I would watch the video first. The lady gives lots of good tips! I will add 2 tips of my own! First, I used 3 packets of the unflavored gelatin. At first, I only used one and after I saw the video, I added 2 more. Second, make sure the ridged part of the straw is down at the bottom of the cup–otherwise you won’t get the ridges on the worms!

Here is the Recipe:
6 oz. Raspberry Jello
3 packets of unflavored gelatin
3/4 cup whipping cream
3 cups boiling water
15 drop green food coloring
100 flexible straws
tall container/cup with flat bottom

1. Watch video first.
2. Prepare the straws.
3. Combine geletin and jello in bowl and add boiling water.
4. Let it cool to lukewarm. Add whipping cream and food coloring.
The video is great at explaining how to add jello to straws.
Squizzing the worms out works really well. They come out very easily!

Have Fun!

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