Start your Own Kids Writing Club

If you love to write and if you have friends who love to write, why not start you own Writing Club? Here’s some ideas to get you started!

1. Invite your friends. Would you send invitations?

2. Talk about…
* Where would the club meet?
* How often would the club meet?
* Would everyone bring a snack?

3. Make a list of supplies everyone would need:
* composition notebooks
* paper
* pencils, erasers
* crayons, markers

4. Create a name and/or log for your club. Would you want membership cards?

5. Create rules for your club.

Kids writing and reading club6. Talk About…
* How will you write? Will everyone do their own writing or will everyone write on the same topic?
* Would you want to use LifeBooks? (Checkout LifeBooks on this website)
* Will you publish your writing? Could a parent help – maybe with typing (depending on age).
* How will you share your writing?
* Will you post stories on (Long Legs and I hope so :)
* Will you share your writing with your school?
* Will you enter contests?
* Would you talk about problems you have with writing?

Whatever you do – HAVE FUN!!!!

Want a printout of this list? DOWNLOAD HERE.

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  1. Nicky Gallo said:

    join now!!!!!!!!!! in December starts on in nickys room have fun and in going to be good