Summer Reading

School will be out soon!   The kids I am sure are getting very excited!  I hope that you will check out some fun things to do on this website!  But, what I really want to do is talk about reading this summer!

I can’t tell you how important reading every day is!  Reading is the key to all learning.  I have some tips for the summer.

Being involved in reading for at least 30 minutes a day would be great! It could be divided into 2 – 15 minutes times.  One time could be for the child to read to himself.  Libraries are a great source for books!  It’s great to read known material.  It’s great if the child wants to read the same book/books over and over!  It develops sight words, increases fluency and increases comprehension.  Win, win, win!!!

Then the second time could be where the parent reads to or with the child.  It might be fun to take turns reading the pages.  Also, these could be books a little above their reading level–it gets them ready for harder books :)

I would love to recommend two books for reading to or with your child.

Charlotte’s Web–an amazing book.  This is where I learned to love spiders!!!  It’s a great book about friendship and leads to lots of good discussions with your child!

The Boxcar Children–my all time favorite book!!!!  What I love about this book is that the 4 children in this story are happy –they are happy with so very little.  When I taught, my children always loved this.  I think they would have been happy too.  Sometimes we think “things” make us happy, but that is not true!!!  It also has lots of other adventures about these children that children can read about.

Writing is also a wonderful activity for the summer!  Maybe a Life Book– check our Writing Tips!

I will be adding lots of other ideas!  Learning–Reading and Writing–is a fun thing to do!


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