Summer Tips for Children’s Reading and Writing


Summer is here and time for lots of fun!  Playing with friends, going to the pool, playing at the park and don’t forget baseball!  The weather is great and school is out for awhile!

Along with all the fun, it’s important to keep up the children’s reading and writing skills.  A little math would be good too!  I have a couple of ideas to help keep these skills sharp!

As a teacher, I loved watching my students be excited about publishing books!  This is wonderful for parents to do with their children too.

1.  Let your child pick out a “writing book” or some kind of writing paper!  Also let them pick out a cool pen or pencil with which to write.  Lastly, they will need to pick out a binder–in which to store their stories.

2.  Set a time for them to spend writing in their “writing book” or on their paper.  Do not be worried about spelling and punctuation.  The important thing is that they get their ideas written down, develop their story and it’s fun!

3.  Have your child read you their story!  Be excited about it.  Ask them to read it to you again and this time you type it as they read.  At this point, you correctly spell and punctuate the story.  This will be a great model for the children as they practice reading their stories.  I suggest that you type a few sentences at the top of the page and leave space below to allow for illustrating. Print the story.

4.  Illustrating is next.  It would be really great if the family could all work on the illustrating. If not, have the child work on the illustrations.

5.  Once the illustrating is done, it is time to punch holes in their story and place it in their binders.  This binder now becomes their reading material.

6.  The most important thing for readers is to practice known material.  Practicing known material improves comprehension and fluency.  Their own writing is great known material!  They wrote it!  They know it very well!  Interestingly enough, they probably have used some great vocabulary in their story and this will improve their reading vocabulary.  So set aside a time every day for them to practice their stories.  Also have them read to other people, pets, stuffed animals.  Have them practice reading in fun places–a tent, a bathtub, under a table, on a swing…

The important thing is that you have fun and build memories!  Maybe all family members could write and type stories.  You are a wonderful model for your child!

Happy Reading and Writing!!!!

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