Tag! You’re It!

The weather is finally getting nice and kids will want to be outside playing!  Tag is always fun to play.  I found a couple of variations that might be fun!  Hope the kids give the go!

Chain Tag

The person who is “It” tags someone.  Now it becomes a group of two.  Holding hands, they run around tagging people.  Each person tagged becomes part of the chain until the chain has 4 people.  Then the chain breaks apart into 2 groups of 2 who run off tagging others.  The game continues until everyone is part of a chain!

Zombie Tag –who doesn’t like to be a zombie!!!

The person who is “It” is a zombie.  The zombie runs and tags someone.  That person becomes a zombie too and runs off and helps tag others.  The game continues until everyone is a zombie!  Don’t forget to walk/run like a zombie–a little harder :)

Tag!  You Are It!!!!


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