Testing–What Does It Really Mean?

I am a retired first grade teacher and a bit of a rebel!  I was never very fond of Testing!  So many things affect a test!  I never felt they were very reliable.  Once they were looked at, they sat in a file, in a folder, in a cabinet or on a shelf!  Children, teachers, administrators were judged based on them!

What I felt was helpful was assessment–assessing what can a child do!  Not just answering questions (questions that tried to trick you or test you on what you don’t know–how helpful is that?) but looking at the whole child and what that child can actually do.  The assessments then help lead the teacher to what that child/class needs next.  This is very meaningful because it guides instruction.

The other thing is that tests do not test all talents of childen.  It just tests the academic talents.  Some children may not do well on tests, but they do great in everyday work in the classroom and they also have many other gifts–mucic, art, sports, great working with others, inspiring others, writing, so many other things that are so important in the REAL WORLD, but not always in the school world.  Sometimes we give children the wrong message about how “successful”  they are!

I found two postings this week that touched my heart and is what I feel about testing!  Children have so much more than”book learning” to offer!  Again, we should be celebrating our special gifts/ our differences!  NOT LOOKING AT TEST SCORES AND MAKING JUDGEMENTS!  JUDGE ME ON WHO I AM AND WHAT I CAN DO!

Sorry for getting on my soapbox!



We all have special gifts and all gifts are special and important!



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