Thank You Ms Nolan’s 2nd Graders!

Upon entering a Halloween Contest, I found a new character — Little Boo! I was so excited to write about a new character, I sat down and wrote a little story. I was happy with my story. I played with my story. But, I wonderered what children would think about the story? I wondered if children would like/love my story? So I decided to ask a class of 2nd graders what they thought! I have never done this before. I always asked my friends. But, this time, I thought I should ask children — that’s who I am writing for! So, yesterday, I took my story and read it to the 2nd graders. Then, they shared their thoughts! They were awesome! It’s been awhile since I was in a classroom and these children were adorable and were so genuine in their sharing. I did not describe the treehouse in my story. I thought it would be fun for each child/reader to do their own imagining about the treehouse. I WAS SO WRONG! They really wanted me to tell them what it looked like and then, they shared many great ideas. I came away with lots of new thoughs to make my story better/just right! I’m excited to “play” with my new ideas! I had mentioned that I was not good at drawing the pictures and so one little boy wanted to come over to my grandson’s house and draw the pictures for me! He was so adorable and serious! A little mouse told me they will be sending me something in the mail! Very excited! Kids are the best!


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