The Falln Out Tooth by Will Perry

I was sleping in my bed and woce up and I went danstarse. I ate towe spoons of oatmeal and I drank a lot of ornge juse. I wonid to wiglle my loos tooth and it wasint THERE! I went to tel Dad the good noos and tode him the good noos and ran to tel Mom the good noos and tode her the good noos acsiteidlee (excitedly) and happy. I had lost my ferst tooth!



  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    How exciting to lose your first tooth!!!! I loved the word excitedly — very pizzazz :) I wonder if the tooth fairy came?????

  2. Linda said:

    That is so exciting to lose a first tooth! I hope the tooth fairy was good to you.

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