The Giving Keys

This Christmas, I was given a very unique, touching gift.  A friend sent me a key from The Giving Keys.  It came on a chain and the key was engraved with the word inspire.  This is a pay it forward company and they employ people  transitioning from homelessness.  The idea is that a key is given with a special word on it.  The word has meaning to the person.  The person wears the key, until maybe one day, they will come across a person who could use their word or a key can be purchased and sent.  The giver may now write the story about why they gave the key.  The website is full of the most beautiful, touching stories!  I was given the word inspire!  I love it!  I hope some day that I find someone to pass it on to, but right now I love wearing it and am so touched that someone gave it to me :)

Please check out  It’s amazing!!!!

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