The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

November Picture Book Month

When I was little, I LOVED playing with paper dolls! I would spend hours, cutting out the clothes, creating my own (not very good :)) doll clothes and finally playing with them with my friends! I couldn’t wait for the new McCall’s Magazine with the new cutouts in them! To this day I still love paper dolls — actually I have most of mine and my Mom’s cut outs!
My Mom was amazing at fashion designing. She was going to the Vogue School of Design when she met my Dad. When my Mom passed and I began going through my parents things, I was given an amazing gift– a packet of a paper doll and 20 outfits designed by my Mom in the 1940s! I never knew these even existed! They are such a treasure to me!
The other day, I came across a book — The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Rebecca Cobb! I had to order it and it came yesterday in the mail! Perfect timing for Picture Book Month:)
It is a delightful book! The book has a rhythm to it and the dolls have a delightful chant that they sing throughout the story. There is even a little part that makes you sad/angry, but then, there is the perfect ending!
Mom’s, it’s a great book to read to your little girl and make a chain of paper dolls with her :)
My wish is that little girls today would know the joy that paper dolls can bring!!!!


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