The Time Goes By Fast!

The time does go by fast!  One day, they are these little, teeny, tiny babies and the next thing they have a life and family of their own!  As a parent, there is so much responsibility.  You have the children, of course, but there is the house, shopping, cooking, laundry, a job and on and on.  They all take time!  My advice looking back on it is –take time to BE with your child.  Not watching a game or doing a sport or dance.  These are all great, but I mean spending time doing things with them.  Because the time does fly AND YOU CAN’T GET IT BACK!!!  Believe me, I would if I could!  Actually, that’s what’s great about grandchildren–you know how important time is and that it doesn’t last!  But of course, grandchildren go home and it’s easy to do the responsibilities :)  It’s not always about the amount of the time, but the quality of time.  It’s funny, as I look back over that time, how so many things I thought were important–like a “perfect” house :) really weren’t so important, but time with my children was :)

Just a little something to think about :)


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