Things Children Would Love To Hear!

I recently read an article and found these 8 things that children would love to hear!  I bet you would love to hear them too :)

1.  I love you  —  no one can EVER hear this too much :)

2.  We are not perfect — it’s ok to make mistakes.  It’s how we grow and learn.

3.  I know you can do it–it gives them confidence.

4.  I like it when … — they love recognition — who doesn’t :)

5.  I forgive you — very powerful!

6.  I’m listening to you — children love to be heard!

7.  I’m sorry — good for both of you :)

8.  I’m proud of you — you can never hurt a child by pointing out the good in them :)

Teachers — some of these can be good for you too!

Give them a go!

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