Things Every Child Should Hear!


I found this chart on FaceBook and thought is was great!  It is so important what we tell our children or other adults too.  I Believe that children should hear words that give them value and make them feel safe and loved.  Years ago, I read an article by Ann Landers–I know, I am giving my age away :)  But, I really liked what it said, so much, that I cut it out and tucked it away until I had children.  I still have it, today!  The article was about what a child wants from their parents.  The two things that stuck with me was — They wanted guidelines and rules.  When they have this they felt safe and loved.  Children don’t want the power!  They don’t know what to do with it!  Today, I think parents want to be their child’s friend/ be easy on them.  But children, even though they might not realize it, want structure and guidance.  They need their parents to be in charge and show them how to be!

I liked this chart.  I think these are great things to tell a/your child.  I know, as a teacher, I felt I had a similar responsibility.  I would add something else that I feel is important for everyone to know.  I would talk to them about CHOICE.  Everything that happens to us is because of a choice we have made.  Sometimes good/sometimes bad.  I would love children to know this VERY EARLY in their life.  Good choices usually make you happy and bad choices usually make you sad and sometimes they have an unpleasant consequence!  This is actually a very important life lesson!.  Actually, I wrote about choices before.  If you want more information, go to Parent Tips and look for Life Is Made Up Of Your Choices.  Hope this gives you something to think about!


Have a Great Day!!!

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