Writing Tip # 2 Planning

Sometimes a writer has an idea for a story.  When this happens, the first thing the writer does is Think and Make a Plan for the story.  This is what I did for my book, The Long Legged Turtle!  In my LifeBook, I had a picture of a cute shopping bag with long legged turtles on it.


 I knew I was going to write a story about a long legged turtle, so I began to make my plan:

1.  Who was the main character?  I knew he was going to be a long legged turtle and his name was Long Legs.

2.  How was Long Legs going to enter the story?  He was going to hatch like regular turtles.

3.  Where was the story going to take place?  I knew it would take place at the beach, in a field, in a cave.

4.  Who would the characters be in the story?  I decided they would be my 5 youngest grandchildren.

5.  I had to decide what Long Legs was going to do with each of these characters.  I looked into my LifeBook and found memories of things I did with each of my grandchildren and that’s what I had Long Legs do with them!

and then I had to begin writing…

It was so much easier to write when I had this plan.

But this is only the beginning, but of course, that is where a writer must start–at the beginning!

Happy Writing


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