Today At The Village Grind

I had so much fun at The Village Grind today!  I met some lovely children and their Moms!  My two grandsons, Jon and Jimmy, and their Dad, Matt, came too!  Everyone enjoyed coloring butterflies today and I read I Love Being Me!  a couple of times!  It was a great day!

Here are some photos from the day!!DSC02241

Victoria was going to a party and stopped in at The Village Grind.  Her and her sister had a little time to color a butterfly!  They were so cute!


A lovely friend from Mill Street School stopped by to chat and purchase some books for her grandchildren!  Nice to catch up!


My son-in-law, Matt, and my grandsons, Jon and Jimmy came!  It’s always great to see them.  You might remember that they are the characters in Chapter 2 of The Long Legged Turtle.  They are growing!


I met little Alexandria today!  A real cutie!  She loved coloring her butterfly and worked very hard!  But the most amazing thing–she could write her whole name–which is very long and she is only 3!  Amazing!


My last little friend was Gabi and her Mom.  They were fun to visit with.  While Gabi colored her butterfly, I read her I Love Being Me!  Even though she was coloring, she was really paying attention to the story too!  But here come the BEST PART!!!  Gabi made my dream completely come true!  She said that she wanted to hear my story again!  That just made me SO HAPPY!!!

I’d like to give a big thank you to my husband, Duane!  He comes with and helps me and he took all the pictures!  THANK YOU, HONEY!

I love The Village Grind!  It is so cozy and friendly!  They had a new desert–a Ho Ho Cake!  It looked so good so Duane and I bought a piece to share!  I will let you know how it tastes!  I think I know, but I will let you know!!!

Today I Loved Being an Author!!!!

(Actually, I do everyday, but especially today–I got to read my book to children!!!)

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