Valentine Coupon Card

It’s never too soon to teach children the joy of giving!  Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

I have a few ideas :)

1.  Have the child make a card or write a letter and tell their grandparents what they love about them!  I guarantee that this will be a treaure to a grandparent :)  Maybe even trace their beautiful little/big hands!

2.  Random Acts of Kindness is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Children can do it and/or the family could do Random Acts of Kindness too!  What a great experience!

3.  Send Valentine Cards with a Coupon in it–again giving to someone!!!

Directions for Valentine Coupon Book

1.  Take a piece of paper –white or colored construction paper– and fold it in half.  Which way –you decide:)

2.  Decorate the cover any way you want!  You might want to write –Happy Valentine’s Day!

3.  On the inside you might wrtie a nice message–tell the person what is special about them.  That always makes people feel good.  You might want to write some silly Valentine Sayings:

With a picture of a flower/I’d pick you any day!

With your thumbprint/ Thumb-body loves you:)

With painted rocks/ You rock, Valentine!

With socks/We are the perfect pair! or You knock my socks off :)

With buttons/You are cute as a button!

With a ball/You make my heart bounce!!!

With a shovel/I dig you!

With a pen or pencil/You are just write for me:)

With a piece of gum/I chews you, Valentine or I’m stuck on you:)

or candy heart sayings

Sweet Love

Cool Cat

Purrr fect

Crazy 4 U


Say Yes

3 Wishes

I Love You

Cool Dude

or anything you think of which will be grrrrrreat!!!!

4.  Cut some or one smaller card or cut out a heart.  On there write:  This coupon is good for _____ and write what you will do for that person!  Another idea would be to trace your hand and write:  This coupon is good for _____ and write what you will do!  Maybe you have an even better idea.  Then tuck it inside the card and you are ready!

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I hope you will share some of your Random Acts of Kindness!  You might inspire someone else or maybe even Me!!!! 


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  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    I’m wondering–did anyone make a Valentine Coupon Card?? What did you promise to do? Maybe send a picture??? Is that possible??? I’ll have to find out or give it a go :)

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