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HI! i’m Emily. i just had the weirdest dream! So i was in Candy Land and a monster was chasing me. He was shaped like a gummy bear. i think now, he was a gummy bear. Anyways, he kept on chasing me and then I ran out of breath and the monster caught up! Then I noticed it was a dead pirate. It was really gross. I ran to the castle as fast as I could! I locked the door, ran upstairs, went to the master bedroom, locked that door, then rushed to the bathroom, locked that door, ran to the closet, then locked that one! Now that i think about it, I locked a lot of doors! Then when i heard the monster coming, I quick ran to the window then jumped out. It was a life or death situation! So you know . So normal…….NOT!

By Julia, Age 8
Once there was a nine legged spider.   All the other insects always laughed at him. He would cry at night because the others were picking on him. Then one morning, he decided he would stand up for himself.  So he went to school very proud that morning. He dryed up his tears and dealt with it for eight hours. The next morning, he couldn’t hold it in much longer.  He went to school crying that day .  At school, the bullies noticed they were being mean and decided to say sorry to the spider.  The spider stopped crying and got scared. But after they finished saying what they needed to say, the spider hugged them and said thank you.  He stared crying again — full of joy. And from now on he never cryed again.

By Julia, Age 8


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  1. Kathy Elstad said:

    Julia! I love your stories! Your first story was scary with all that chasing and running! But I loved your ending ……Not! I, personally, love something unexpected — like a 9 legged spider! I love spiders and have NEVER thought about a 9 legged spider! Your spider was very brave to face his bullies! But, I am wondering — what amazing things will that spider do with his 9th leg??????

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