What Will I Do With The Kids This Summer?????

Summer is here and school is over!  Well, I have some ideas!

First, please read to and have your child/children read EVERY day!

Maybe start a LifeBook with your child!  If you go to Activities for Kids and go to Printables, you will find out how to create a LifeBook!

Maybe the kids could write stories and/or illustrate pictures and post them on the website!  It would be fun for them to read other children’s stories and visit the Kid’s Art Gallery!

Maybe have kids start a writing or art club.  Directions are under Tips for Writing :)

Check my Activities for Kids–lots of ideas!

Lastly, I found this site and it looks like it could be lots of fun!  Check it out :)  But please always come back to me!  I will always be posting new ideas!


This is the website information!  http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/71126/100-tv-free-activities

I think it will be full of fun for your kids this summer!

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