Where’s Long Legs Now?

Hi!  Today, I had a Facebook post of Flat Stanley.  I remembered Flat Stanley and how much fun he was.  So, I decided to have Long Legs go traveling too!  Teachers, parents I think this could be really fun for kids to do.  It would be a fun writing project where each child would send Long Legs some place — real or imaginary!  Long Legs and I would love to see what everyone  comes up with :)  I’m sorry that I don’t know how to download Long Legs’ picture, but I think you could copy, paste him on paper , and print him on card stock.  I cut him out and covered him with clear contact paper — much more pliable that laminating :)  Have fun!

Here is his address:

Long Legs

P.O. Box 1071

Oswego, IL  60543

Hi! My name is Long Legs! My author, Kathy Elstad, and I had a visit from Flat Stanley! It was so much fun getting to know him. I love that he is going to be traveling! Flat Stanley doesn’t know where he is going and I think that would be so much fun! So Kathy is letting me travel too! So, let’s see all the places I can go. Thank you for helping me! I can’t wait to see where you take me! Bye, Kathy! Love you :) Here I go…

Long Legged Turtle writing tips

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