Who Is Gifted?????

When I was teaching, I went to a Gifted Conference!  One thing I heard was that ALL CHILDREN ARE GIFTED!  I sat there and thought–What?????  But I loved what the speaker said and it has always stayed with me.  Probably one of the reasons I wrote I Love Being Me!  I do believe we are ALL given special gifts!  But these special gifts aren’t always academic gifts.  Really, there is so much more to succeeding in life other in academics!  Academics are good for the school years, but beyond school there are so many other gifts that are needed to make our country/world a better and more exciting  place.  So when I saw this posting, I HAD TO SHARE!  PLEASE LOOK FORTHE SPECIAL GIFTS IN YOURSELF AND IN YOUR CHILDREN AND CELEBRATE THEM!!!  Know that one day, they will take your you/your child/children amazing places!



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