Wise Wind Spirit by Orienne Cairns

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived a wise wind spirit. He was old. He loved to read. He was kind and he was helpful. When the animals of the forest had problems, he solved them.

For three years everything was well.

Then one day, the first day of April,  it started to drizzle. The animals of the forest had never seen such a thing before.  The animals of the forest rushed to Wise Wind and asked, “What is this wet stuff?”

He said, “You can call it rain. It is the cloud spirits’ tears.”

“Can you stop it?” they asked.

“I will do what I can,” he said.

“Ok,” they said.

Chapter 2

So Wise Wind flew up to his family, the Wise Rain Cloud Spirits. Wise Wind asked, “Will you please not cry? My friends, the animals of the forest, are scared of your tears.”

The Wise Rain Cloud Spirits said “We will try not to cry,” so Wise Wind flew back down to the earth. The animals came back to Wise Wind and asked, “Will they stop?”

“They said they would try,” said Wise Wind.

Meanwhile up where the rain spirits lived it sounded as though someone was crying inside a horn. It was a racket! Here is what they did, “Wwwwwaaaaaaa!”

Chapter 3

Back on earth it was pouring. The animals of the forest ran as fast as their legs could carry them to Wise Wind! They said, “What did your family say!”

Wise Wind replied, “They said they would try not to cry!”

“Are you sure that’s what they said?” they asked. “It sounds like they are crying as hard as they can!” said the animals.

Wise Wind said, “They told me they would try not to cry, and when you say you will try it means you work your hardest! Let me think about this problem.”

The animals thanked Wise Wind and left.

Chapter 4

After thinking it over for some time, Wise Wind decided to go see his family. He flew up to where they lived and sure enough they wear crying up a storm. He asked, “Do you need something?”

“Yes!” they said in tears.

“What do you need?” asked Wise Wind.

“Wise Wind,” they said, “we need friends. Do you know anyone who can be our friend?”

Wise Wind wanted to help his family. He flew back down to where he lived and all night he thought of an solution. All of sudden he heard hoofs stomping and wings flapping. He turned around and he jumped, “You scared me!” he said.

“We did not mean to scare you!” said the animals.”

“Well it is all right,” said Wise Wind. “Just listen to me please animals. My family needs friends. They are crying because they are sad that they don’t have friends. So I will take you to see my family. You should bring something as a gift to cheer them up! Squirrel, what will you bring?”

“I will bring nuts,” said Squirrel.

“Bear, what will you bring?” asked Wise Wind.

“I will bring fish,” said Bear.

“Bird, what will you bring?” said Wise Wind.

“I will bring worms and twigs,” said Bird.

“Deer what will you bring?” said Wise Wind.

“I will bring the greenest grass,” said Deer.

They got their gifts and got on Wise Wind’s back and he flew them to his family high up in the sky. One by one the animals gave their gifts. The Rain spirit’s thanked the animals the animals left.

But do not worry the animals go back every day! The Rain Spirits and the animals became best friends. The Rain Spirits were never sad again! It did rain sometimes though so that plants could grow and the animals could have their food. But now when it rained it was because they Rain Cloud Spirits were crying for joy.

And they lived happily ever after!

About the author:

Orienne is six years old and is just finishing the first grade. She lives in Austin Texas. She has a sister named Harper who is four years old. Orienne loves to read and write stories.













  1. Tiffani said:

    Orienne – what a great story! You sure have an amazing gift with words. Look forward to reading your future stories.

  2. Linda said:


    Your story was just beautiful!! I loved reading it. You have a gift for writing.

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