Writing About A Parent/Grandparent/Someone Special/Special Pet

I personally have and my class had (after I heard Lucy Calkins speak) LifeBooks.  I have a section that talks about LifeBooks in more detail, but, my LifeBook is a collection of little bits and pieces of my life.  It’s different than a journal because you collect in a variety of ways.

One of my favorite writing activities was wriing about a Grandparent–it could be anyone and with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the future, it might be fun to write about them :)

Each child picked a grandparent.  Then they wrote about that grandparent every day for three days.  It was always something different — different memories.  We wrote in our LifeBook–which we didn’t usually do.  This could also easily be done on paper.

On the 4th day, they took their 3 writings and paired up with a partner.  Each person read their writing and then talked about it with their partner.  Maybe the partner had questions, wanted to know more or maybe something was confusing.

On the 5th day, they reread the writing to themselves and began to write the final story–a combination of all the writing.  Some things might be included, some might not or maybe some new information was added–something they talked about with their partner.

They continued with their writing–taking it through the writing process.  Playing with it until it was “Just Right”.

Publishing would depend on their grade level.  I taught first grade so they read it to me as I typed it and printed it.  They drew a picture and we folded a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper, glued the writing and illustration inside, they decorated the cover and made it into a book or card.  It was ready to give to the special person :)  It would be fun to have a “giving” party where the special people are invited and the chidren read and give their story to that special person!  I love sharing their writing!

I loved seeing their stories and learning about these special people.  Some were funny, some tender or some sad.  But I loved how they put it all together :)

Happy Writing!!!!

To Find Out More About LifeBooks go to For Adults/Writing Tips/Create a LifeBook:)

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