Writing Notes To Your Child

Do you ever find it hard to communicate with your children?  Were there times when you wanted to say something, but never found the time/words?  Well, I loved the posting I read yesterday!  It could be a great answer to these questions!  The posting was 7 Notes You Should Write To Your Children.  It was written my Mark Merrill.  He has a great website:  markmerrill.com.   This is definitely worth looking at.  Lots of good information for families!

I loved the ideas.  Some I have used myself and loved :)

1.  Lunch box notes — it a great surprise when your child opens their lunch box/bag and there is a little note from Mom/Dad/ Grandma?/Grandpa?.  It can be: I love you, Have fun at school, I think you are great, I love how hard you played in your soccer game, I have a surprise for you after school, good luck on a test …

2.  Post Its –how fun would it be to write something special on a post it and post it some place surprising.  A little surprise for your child, no matter what age :)  Who knows, maybe they would return the favor!  Be crazy and creative!

3.  Pillow Talk — this is one of my favorites.  I even had my 1st graders do it with their parents.  There is a journal (maybe decorate it — make it special).  The parent writes a note to their child/maybe illustrate it and the parents place it on the child’s pillow.  The child reads it, writes/illustrates back, and places it on their parent’s pillow.  It goes back and forth.  Sometimes when we “talk” to each other, we don’t really “hear” what the other one is saying.  This is a great way to “hear” each other.  It’s great to start this when children are young and continue on forever. LOL  I believe that it builds a special bond between each other!

4.  Forgiveness — how powerful to have a note from Mom or Dad saying/explaining that they are sorry!

Notes can be very powerful and fun!  Keep them and see how fun it is to look back at these memories :)

Here are 2 charts that were included in the article.  A little someting to help get you started!

new_elementary_lunchbox_notes_use_600px1          new_teen_lunchbox_notes_600px1

I really think this website:  markmerrill.com   is great for families.  I hope you will check it out :)



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