Writing Scary Stories

Who doesn’t like a scary story, especially with a flashlight!  It could be a fun special day at school.  I saw this on Facebook and thought I would share it!  It could be a fun family project too and have a fun time sharing the stories.  I have had Ghost Tea Parties!  I even have a Ghost Tea Pot!


Campfire stories are great for bringing people together at the end of the night for some fun and to be scared. However, scaring your audience isn’t always easy. Learn how to tell a scary story with the following 3-easy steps.
Step 1: Make sure to set a quiet mood. Gather your fellow campers and tell them it is story time. (Before bedtime is the best!)
Step 2:  As you start your scary story, make eye contact with the eager listeners to help draw them into your story.
Step 3: Don’t forget to change the tone of your voice, and whisper or shout when needed. For added effect, hold a flashlight under your face, BOO!

It might be fun to read some scary stories and then have children go off and write their own scary stories.  It might be fun to partner children up OR partner each parent with a child and see who can come up with the scariest story :)

Another fun idea is make a group story.  Have one person start the first sentence and then  have each child add a sentence.  The fun thing is that you have NO idea where the story will go!

What ever you do, have fun!  Maybe ask grandparents to write a scary story?????


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