Writing Tip Tuesday!

Hello!  Today’s tip is about word choice.  Word choice is so important.  What we say and how we say it enables the reader to build or oh,no, not build a picture in their mind!  So the words we use can make a difference.

As you know, I love my LifeBook!  I, also, like to use pizzazzie words whenever I can in my writing.  They are more fun and usually, help build a better picture in the reader’s mind.  In the back of my LifeBook, I keep a list of pizzazzie words I have found.

These are some examples that I have come a crossed:

Granny Grasshopper


Have a talk with your wishing star :)

Scooched down



My little honey bunny


Za Za Zoom

You make my heart smile :)

These are just a few :)  When I taught first grade, we had a pizzazzie word list and every time, we came a cross a great word we added it to our list and used these words in our writing!

Have fun creating your Pizzazzie Word List :)  Maybe you would like to share some of YOUR words with us :)

Happy Writing :)

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